What is Homeschooling and How Homeschooling in India works?

Our blog cannot be completed without mentioning the core and important reasons to why your child might need to join homeschooling.


Homeschooling is a wonderful education process where parents educate their children at the convenience of their homes rather than the child being enrolled in a physical or virtual school. This is not a new phenomenon and has been in practice in Western countries for many years now. The concept of Homeschooling in India has started to widen now. 

Parents as Teachers

In a homeschooling program Parents act as teachers to their children. If you have decided to home-school your child, you will be committed to delivering a delightful task of a specialized professional. And what helps you in an excellent outcome of that task will be the choosing of the best curriculum which includes all the materials, projects that aids specific skills and direction to attain pertinent standards of performance.

Focus on child’s specific talents

Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid – Albert Einstein.

Do you know that each individual has a unique Intelligence? There is a beautiful pedagogy proposed by Howard Gardner, the Multiple Intelligence Theory, which throws out the idea that Intelligence is one sort of general ability and argues that there are actually 8 types of Intelligence. Children can have varied levels of each Intelligence and they might have strong command in certain Intelligences.

As parents are the first teachers of their children, when you become their academic instructor, you can identify your child’s unique skills and stronger Intelligences as you have been watching your child grow right from their time of birth. 

When you have identified your child’s unique abilities, you can concentrate more on those skills and develop the child grow deeper knowledge on those areas which can be amiss in the traditional schooling method.

Learning becomes a Quality time well spent with family

A well spent Quality time is more important for a healthy family. When you are home-schooling your child, each member of the family relies on the other and learning brings all of you together having a pleasant family time. Happy parents… Happier Kids…

A healthy family style is more important to raise self-confident kids. And homeschooling your child in the peaceful setup of your home may result in the best outcomes of raising a child with stronger abilities.

Thinking about homeschooling your child might arise more questions in your mind like

  • Is it legal in India?
  • Can my child enter into a regular school after homeschooling?
  • Will my child be academically strong?

Homeschooling in India is legal and you can very well go ahead and pick home-schooling option for your child. Your child will be definitely be academically strong and will gain knowledge much more from the comfort of your home. And for an excellent homeschooling option you can choose Caprics@Home Program which brings to you an easy to understand and easy to follow curriculum planner, Homeschooling kit for preschool kids, attractive and high-quality learning materials, age appropriate activities to boost brain strength, class completion certificate valid across schools which removes your confusion of your child entering into a regular school.

Let’s win the Pandemic with quality and standard home-schooling education. Make the wisest choice today!

- Sophia L